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Optimize the safety, performance  & cost-efficiency of your data center or cleanroom

Building, operating and maintaining a critical environment can pose an array of unexpected challenges. Issues can arise in even the most well-thought-out spaces after the facility has been in operation for a time. SET3 offers full-spectrum cleanroom and data center consulting that helps you realize greater energy efficiency, lower costs and avoid compliance headaches.

Air Filtration 

In recent years, atmospheric corrosive gasses such as hydrogen sulfide have become a serious problem for electronic equipment and computer manufacturers, causing intermittent and even hard equipment failures. SET3’s consultants help you determine the degree of contamination and corrosiveness of your data center environment and recommend a cost-efficient solution for removing gases without adding humidity to the air.

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Air Flow

From pressurization to particle removal, air flow design is one of the most significant elements of any cleanroom or data center. Our critical environment consultants test your space according to ISO, ASHRAE and other industry standards and provide strategies for achieving and maintaining optimal conditions while reducing installation and operating costs. 

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Power Quality

Your data center’s network performance depends on optimizing power supply to your equipment. SET3’s consultants leverage their years of expertise and state-of-the-art diagnostic and monitoring tools to evaluate your most complex power issues, from RF interference to EMF. Let us help you reduce safety threats and the risk of failures that can impact uptime. 

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Energy Studies 

Given dwindling energy resources and growing demand, efficient energy utilization in your data center is essential. An in-depth energy study from SET3 consultants gives you key insights into your actual current usage measured against available power capacity and UPS rating. We can also assess the power capacity available in your data center for future growth.

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Indoor Air Quality 

Maintaining proper air quality in your data center is imperative to your equipment’s performance as well as your employees’ health, safety and comfort. SET3 consultants help you identify issues before they reach critical levels and take steps for remediation. Air quality testing is performed in accordance with ASHRAE, ISO 14644 and WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines. 

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