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Some of SET3’s Data Center Services Include:

Data Center Cleaning


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Subfloor Cleaning

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Ceiling / Ceiling Plenum Cleaning

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Post Construction Cleaning

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Interior Server / Equipment Cleaning

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Testing and Air Quality Certification

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Consulting Services

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The Right Services

We follow stringent ASHRAE and ISO requirements to provide services to improve and maintain data center air quality. Our highly-trained technicians are certified to test for these dangerous forces before and after our cleaning services to ensure your data center is within specification.

Cleaning data centers means facilitating uptime through particle, static and residue removal at microscopic levels. Subfloor cleaning, access floor surface cleaning, server and cabinet rack cleaning, construction phase cleaning, ceiling and wall cleaning, and interior electronics decontamination are a few of our popular support services.

Proper Cleaning for Sensitive Surfaces

SET3 cleans and maintains all types of data center surfaces – including equipment, cable trays, ceilings, walls, floors, subfloors and more. From ESD conductive floors to raised floor tiles, our crews are experienced in using the proper cleaning methods, chemicals and equipment to properly care for all of your sensitive surfaces in the data center using certified GREEN equipment.

SET3 technicians are trained to work in live data center environments, safely. Data center cleaning requires removing gross contamination (5 microns) as well as unseen particles (.5 microns), which could harm sensitive server, network and data storage equipment. That’s what we do, and we’re one of the best in the world at it.

Identifying Contaminates

SET3 technicians are trained according to ISO 14644, ASHRAE TC9, World Health Organization, and the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technologies to help test & identify sources of contaminates during our cleaning services in your data center, ISP, Network, control Room or other critical environment. If indications of source contamination are in a high risk category, SET3 managers can provide options for laboratory testing to confirm specific contamination identification and provide current contamination levels to help you decide if remediation is necessary. SET3 is committed to providing you with the information you need to run a safe low-risk data center.

Maintenance Programs

Our comprehensive Full Service Clean (FSC) is a complete deep cleaning that removes particles from surfaces and the air at .3 microns – as required by ISO 14644. This service is typically done once a quarter to once per year depending on the condition of the facility and filtration and amount of traffic in and out. Our Maintenance Programs are daily weekly or monthly cleanings provided according to ISO 14644 to keep dust, static and particle levels under control following best practices according to industry standards. We provide maximum accountability and up-time for your facility. Our clients stand by us year after year due to our flexible scheduling, no surprise up-charges, and highly-trained local crews.

Ask our Professionals

Even though there are many styles of data center construction – from different Tier levels to non-raised floors, SET3 understands your needs. If you have any questions regarding safe cleaning in critical environments, contact one of our nationwide service professionals today

1-​(800) 401-6883

We can schedule services 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Let us assist you with your critical environment needs.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

To be the best data center cleaning company in the country we not only have to provide the highest level of technical service, but also provide old-fashioned customer service. We believe in integrity, trust, and professional service with a smile. Every team we have in the field knows your data center inside and out and will be able to provide excellent guidance and feedback every step of the way. The results we get are outstanding and we’ll let our clients speak for us.

Sterile Environment Technologies is second to none in specialized data center cleaning and computer room cleaning and testing nationwide.  Our comprehensive data center cleaning services and maintenance programs provide maximum accountability and up-time for your facility. We welcome you to view what our clients are saying about us.

Whether you’re looking for the safest and most effective method to keep your facility well-maintained or simply require world-class cleaning for your flagship data center, SET3 will be there with the most professional and highly trained staff and equipment and chemicals specialized for your environment. All our technicians are specially trained according to ASHRAE, ISO 14644, and IEST standards for cleaning data centers in order to work within these complex and critical environments.

Our teams of professionals are trained to clean your subfloor according to code. We help preserve static control with our knowledge and experience with the many types of equipment in a data center and the laws regarding static dissipation. Our custom-blended chemicals are cleanroom safe, static dissipative and non-intrusive.

Examples of places that can benefit greatly from these services:

  • Large or Small-Scale Data Centers
  • ISPs
  • Network Control Centers
  • UPS Rooms
  • Computer Rooms
  • Raised Floor Areas (Subfloors)
  • Any Critical Environment Technology Facility

We provide:

  • Highly-trained technicians who specialize in working around sensitive wiring and machines
  • RF Suppressed, cleanroom certified antistatic equipment
  • Custom-formulated antistatic and static dissipative chemicals
  • Data Center Environmental Reports: In-depth analyses and scientific testing of your facilities
  • Emergency, on-call services at all times.

Common janitorial cleaners are not trained or insured to clean these
technical environments according to standards and can cause downtime

Our initial walkthrough and consultation is provided free of charge and our services are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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