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Why SET3

Since 1995, we have cleaned over 70 million square feet of critical environment space as well as hundreds of thousands of server cabinets and other interior electronics. We serve Fortune 50 companies to government facilities to local county and municipalities in the United States and many other countries.

Sterile Environment Technologies (SET3) is a commercial data center cleaning, cleanroom cleaning, maintenance, products and services company, offering Nationwide service and specializing in meeting the needs of high technology customers in sterile and non-sterile Cleanrooms, Data Centers, computer rooms, and other critical environments.

Our goal is to continue to set the industry standard in data center and cleanroom cleaning products and services worldwide. No matter what size your facility is, from a 100 square foot telco room to a 500,000 square foot complex with raised floor or from a Class 7 Research Lab to a Class 1 Manufacturing Complex, we can service your needs. Examples of our client base include:

  • Multi-level Tier 4 data centers for Fortune 50 companies
  • Small local and municipal computer rooms
  • Multi-national accounts where we provide services and products to organizations from the US to Europe to Asia
  • ISO 1 through 9 Cleanrooms in Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Medical, and other fields.

In our controlled-environments capacity we employ and consult with specialized scientific, chemical, airflow, and manufacturing experts worldwide to bring our clients what we call, “The Science of Clean.” This means that every element of our solutions from consulting to services to products have been thoroughly researched and vetted in practical every day applications to ensure you’re getting not just excellent prices and value, but also rock-solid reliability.

We’ve been in business for over a decade and our clients love us because we’re a vendor that they can rely on in every situation. Want to find out more about how SET3 can help your facility, your team, and your projects? Give us a call today at ​800-401-6883 or contact us online.