When to Clean Your Data Center Yourself and When to Call Experts

With most data centers tasked with cutting costs, it may make sense to avoid hiring data center cleaning services and try to do everything yourself. But most companies have janitorial staffs that are only experienced in cleaning general office environments….Read More

A Cleaner Data Center

Useful tips from SET3 published in Processor Magazine.

2012 Schedule Uptime Institute Accreditation

SET3 recommends Uptime Institute’s latest accreditation courses. SET3 is committed to providing avenues for continued education and up-to-date technology briefings for our employees and our customers. Check out the latest message/symposium from the Uptime Institute: Uptime Institute has accredited over…Read More

Threat: Data Center Dust

Static-Charged Particles Cause Explosions The NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) attributes explosion factors to static, flammable materials and heat sources. You can download their whitepaper on the subject here: Dust Explosion Fundamentals. Static charged particles, dust, cardboard, paper or any…Read More

SET3 Sponsors IEST

The 2012 IEST Fall Conference is the single source of contamination control knowledge for your industry. Participate in leading-edge continuing education training courses and interactive working group meetings. More information here.

Tech Pro Belts for AC Units to Reduce Risk of Downtime

SET3 has a brand new product that replaces rubber belts in data Center and cleanroom AC units – Tech Pro Belts. Tech Pro Belts lasts at least 4x longer than traditional rubber belts. Tech Belt Pro creates no harmful belt…Read More

Monitoring Gaseous Contamination

Due to the results of gaseous contamination from contaminated sulpher drywall, cross contamination from gaseous outside environments and improper building ventilation practices – many data centers and cleanrooms are losing product or experiencing downtime. With the latest breakthroughs in filter…Read More

New Airborne Particle Counter Released by Biotest

Revolutionary new Airborne Particle Counter Featuring easy touchscreen navigation and sampling at two flow rates in a single instrument Biotest AG has launched its unique APC SmartTouch Airborne Particle Counter specifically designed for flow rates of both one cubic foot…Read More

AFCOM – Data Center World Conference

One of our favorite events every year is the Data Center World Conference. Data Center World addresses the needs of seasoned data center and facilities management professionals. Gain crucial insight into how formal processes and industry tools can align IT…Read More

SET3 Celebrating 13 years

2011 was a big year for SET3 and we want to thank every client from our Fortune 50 friends to our city and county municipalities!  We provided service for millions of square feet of controlled environments, expanded operations into international…Read More