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Subfloor Cleaning

Subfloor CleaningSET3 cleans and reduces harmful influences such as dust, debris and static buildup in your subfloor environment. Whether you use your subfloor for cabling, cooling and/or static dissipation – SET3 specializes in cleaning subfloor plenums without worry of downtime.

Air-cooled network, server and data storage equipment require clean air at micrscopic levels (ASHRAE, ISO 14644 & IEST Standards) that common janitors cannot achieve. Our teams of professionals are trained to clean your subfloor according to code (100,000 @.5um – see ISO 14644). We help preserve static control with our knowledge and experience with the many types of equipment in a data center and the laws regarding static dissipation. Our custom-blended chemicals are cleanroom safe, static dissipative and non-intrusive.

Colocation Data Centers are required to keep a healthy air quality standard for high-end data center clients to house their equipment in the environment. Equipment manufacturers are requiring data centers to be cleaned by Data Center Cleaning Professionals – as unseen particles can cause equipment malfunctions and warranty issues.

Equipment Manufacturers Statements on Contamination

IBM INSTALLATION MANUALPublication GC22-7072-1 “If your site is unusually dirty or has a chemical odor, you should be concerned. Dirt and corrosive gases can cause corrosion and possible equipment damage. The building floor should be sealed to prevent dusting of concrete.”
TabAMDAHL PHYSICAL PLANNING MANUALPublication MM-108334-010 “Environmental conditions for the room environment must be maintained within the acceptable limits to prevent adverse impact on performance and reliability.Electronic equipment is sensitive to air contaminants such as ferrous metal slivers, dirt fibers, and concrete particulate from unsealed concrete.cement should be sealed to prevent the generation of particles.”
UNISYS INSTALLATION MANUALPublication MA5227 “The quantity of dust in the air must no exceed 0.39 gram/1000m 3[0.03grain/1000ft3] maximum.The specifications for dust pollutants as per United states Federal Standard 209b.The primary floor must be poured concrete that has been sealed to provide dust and humidity control.”
MMEMOREX ENGINEERING SPECIFICATIONSPublication 9885-4920 “In order to assure reliability operation of the HDA and its filter system, the size and type of airborne particles must be controlled.The computer room should meet or exceed Federal Standard 209E.The subfloor area must be cleaned and sealed prior to equipment installation”.

Data Center Cleaning Best Practices from Sun Microsystems

With over 40 years of experience SET3 has the ability to professionally clean / decontaminate your subfloor with the most professional and highly trained staff, equipment and chemicals available in the world. All our technicians are specially trained according to ASHRAE [link to www.ashrae.org ], ISO 14644 {link to www.ISO.org ]and IEST {link to Institute of Environemntal Sciences and Technologies – www.IEST.org ] standards for data center cleaning in order to work within these complex and critical environments.

    Examples of places that can benefit greatly from these services:

  • Large or Small-Scale Data Centers
  • ISPs
  • Network Control Centers
  • UPS Rooms
  • Computer Rooms
  • Raised Floor Areas (Subfloors)
  • Colocation / Shared Data centers
  • Any Critical Environment Technology Facility
    We provide:

  • Highly-trained technicians who specialize in working around sensitive wiring and machines
  • RF Suppressed, cleanroom certified antistatic equipment
  • Custom-formulated antistatic and static dissipative chemicals
  • Data Center Environmental Reports: In-depth analyses and scientific testing of your facilities
  • Emergency, on-call services at all times.

Common janitorial cleaners are not trained or insured to clean these technical environments according to standards and can cause downtime (see Facility Dangers).

Our initial walkthrough and consultation is provided free of charge and our services are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Please contact us.

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Data Center Subfloor Seal Best Practices
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Antistatic Subfloor Sealing

Sterile Environment Technologies provides antistatic sealing / coatings for subfloors and VCT surfaces. The subfloor is a part of the cleanroom / data center and must be properly treated so as not to adversely affect sensitive equipment and cabling.

SET3 utilizes specially formulated static dissipative properties safe for cleanroom / data center environments. A common cement sealer is not appropriate for these critical areas and will help produce static charges and particulate, greatly increasing risk of downtime.

Contact SET3 for a free subfloor seal quote for your facility.