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Orlando Data Center Cleaning soma no prior prescription Need your data center cleaned in Orlando or around Central Florida? SET3 is a national leader in contamination control and is one of the pioneers in the industry.  We help data center managers rest easy with our highly-trained response teams that service data centers from Lake Mary and Heathrow to Downtown Orlando to Tampa.

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When it comes to cleaning and properly maintaining your data center in Central Florida, Sterile Environment Technologies (SET3) has the training, equipment, and protocol that will keep your data center running so your uptime is protected from a number of serious contamination and airflow hazards.  We tailor our schedules to fit your company’s needs so there is no need for downtime.  We can work during any shift and weekends typically at no additional cost.

In Orlando and around Central Florida, there is a number of regional-specific conditions data centers face.  Extreme humidity, salt and sand, and excessively hard water cause some unique problems.   The humid and salty air, if ignored, can lead into your data center through the air conditioning and leave your equipment in danger of failure and cause downtime.  We offer the world-class cleaning services you need to avoid downtime.  Along with cleaning, SET3 also provides a large array of consultation and environmental testing for your controlled environments.

We assist our clients with maintaining their data center environments according to ISO 14644 (replacing Federal Standard 409e). Our training directors also pay close attention to the science coming from ASHRAE TC9, the World Health Organization and the Institute of Environmental Science and Technologies (IEST) to ensure we’re relying on the latest in science and technology to help physically maintain data centers for peak performance.  Following those standards allows SET3 to properly identify and eliminate sources of contamination on critical and sensitive surfaces and equipment.  We also provide maintenance plans that best fit your facility.  We can come to your Orlando or Central Florida data center on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis, depending on your facility’s specifications and requirements.

Along with our advanced techniques and technology, SET3 also provides you with old-fashioned professional service with a smile.  There is a reason why so many in Central Florida and around the country rely on SET3 to provide them with their data center cleaning: we get the results you desire.  Whether your data center is large or small, we provide the same care and professionalism with every job we do.

Do you have locations nationwide?  No problem, unlike the competition, we never subcontract to other companies and we maintain the highest level of A+ rated insurance in the industry. We have local teams in 42 states available for regular maintenance and emergency response decontamination and environmental consulting.  We consult on and clean millions of square feet of live data center environments every month for Fortune 50 companies, government installations, as well as private telco rooms and municipal facilities.

Looking to get a quote for services today?  Fill out the form below or call 407.935.0620 to get the ball rolling.  We look forward to providing you with the best service in the industry.

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