We Would Like To Recognize Access Laser for their Recent Media Coverage

here One of our clients here at SET3, Access Lasers were selected to be on the cover of Laser Focus World! We would like to congratulate them on their continued success.

Their dedication to keeping up their ISO standards for product control is exemplary. Click the cover below to read the full article.


“Provided Courtesy of Access Laser Company”

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Jason Roth is a nationally-recognized expert in the contamination control and critical environment consulting industry. Since 1988, he has provided consulting services and support to thousands of leading corporations in the US and overseas.

He is a member of the IEST (Institute of Environmental Science Technology), is SSTA (Southwest Safety Training Alliance) Certified, is a Certified Trainer by the Environmental Institute in Lead Abatement, is NCI (National Comfort Institute) Certified for air testing/balancing/certification, was a key speaker at Technology Day in Detroit, has presented at the Uptime Institute (for Data Center enhancements), is a regular at the Cleanrooms West Conference, is a cleanrooms protocol trainer and developer, and has published numerous well-known white-papers in the industry.