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Disaster Recovery

If you have experienced a fire, flood, fire suppression dump, or other physical or contamination disaster in your controlled environment please call ​800-401-6883

In a disaster recovery cleaning scenario where time and efficiency are critical, extensive restoration and cleaning experience in data centers and cleanrooms represent a significant advantage. Technical expertise and experience make Sterile Environment Technologies’ (SET3) Disaster Recovery Services the best in the industry.


SET3 provides total disaster recovery services in cleanrooms, data centers, and sensitive computer environments. This includes the specialized discipline of recovery and restoration of computer equipment including a wide range of peripheral high tech electronic equipment. This would encompass smoke, fire, flood, chemical contamination (such as caused by a Halon dump), process contamination, and employee sabotage disasters. Computer equipment from PCs to mainframes can be rapidly recovered. Sterile Environment Technologies’ Disaster Recovery Division consists of disaster recovery managers, chemical engineers, cleanroom technicians, and computer technicians. Their technical expertise and cleaning results in restoration and recovery of all data center and cleanroom equipment possible.

Our rapid response services include damage assessment, cleanroom equipment appraisal, evaluation of alternate recovery strategies, estimated time to recover determinations, cleaning, restoration and recovery of electronic equipment.

As leaders in the discipline of cleanroom disaster recovery, SET3 has a large technical background in contamination control in critical environments. Sterile Environment Technologies’ Disaster Recovery Division is highly trained in ISO standard 14644 for critical environments, and can restore cleanrooms and Data Centers to proper operational standards quickly.

We have developed our Disaster Recovery Division to respond immediately to international and domestic disasters requiring our highly technical services. We have our response team onsite within hours of a disaster.

Sterile Environment Technologies is a member of the Media Recovery Response Team and provides consulting services for many of the largest fortune 100 companies in the United States. In that capacity we have addressed business recovery issues, post disaster management priorities, and chemical contamination challenges as they relate to the data center environment and operational decision making.

Our response team is trained in Hazardous Waste Operations Emergency Response procedures (HAZWOPER 40), including confined space entry and full Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) recoveries. You will not find a better trained and meticulous response team anywhere.

Please Contact Us concerning your needs or to join the list of companies on our Rapid Response Disaster Recovery program.