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Construction Cleaning


We offer mission critical construction cleaning and post construction cleaning in data centers, cleanrooms, and other controlled environments.

For most construction operations, there are 3 stages of cleaning in data centers.

3 Phases of Data Center Construction Cleaning

Phase I – Maintenance

On-Site Daily Data Center Cleaning

  • Cleaning technicians remain on site throughout the process
  • Keep areas cleaned according to standards.
  • Assist commission areas ready for customer inspection.Clean and commission areas ready for customer inspection.
  • Billed time and material during this phase.

Phase II – 5 Micron Clean

Post Air Handler Activation Cleaning

  • Full clean of facility to 5 microns to remove ambient and mobilized particulate present.
  • Test and inspect area for issues and concerns and provide written environmental report.
  • Provide action-items and recommendations

Phase III – .3 Micron Clean

Post Construction / Pre-Customer Inspection Turnover Cleaning.

  • Cleans and confirms environment is ready for equipment installation.
  • Cleaned according to strict ISO 14644 and ASHRAE standards.
  • Deatiled written environmental report provided to construction group.

A lot of manufacturers claim to have a HEPA vacuum, but many are not certified. If an EPA inspector walks onto your job site, and your HEPA vacuum is not certified, you can be fined up to $32,500.

Below is a table from the IEST ISO Standard 14644-5 To receive more information on ISO standards, contact Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technologies (IEST).

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