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Ceiling / Above Ceiling Cleaning

Why Ceiling Plenum Cleaning?

Data Center Ceiling CleaningWhether you use your ceiling plenum for cabling, conduit and/or air return – it must remain clean to reduce risk of downtime. Ceiling plenum cleaning reduces harmful influences such as dust, debris and ferrous metals from falling into the data center environment during pressure changes in the room. As pressure changes, ceiling tiles lift and settle – allowing particles to fly out from the ceiling plenum.

    Some typical types of situations that can cause pressure change:

  • The AC Units turn on or off
  • The ceiling is accessed by removing a tile
  • Doors to the room open and close

Air-cooled network, server and data storage equipment require clean air at micrscopic levels (ASHRAE, ISO 14644 & IEST Standards) that common janitors cannot achieve. Our teams of professionals are trained to clean your ceiling and ceiling plenum according to code (100,000 @.5um – see ISO 14644). We control potential particle fallout and help preserve air quality control with our knowledge and experience of the many types of equipment in a data center and the physics regarding micro-particle movement and particle containment.

Colocation Data Centers are also required to keep a healthy air quality standard for customers that house high tech equipment in the data center space. Equipment manufacturers are also requiring data centers to be cleaned by data center cleaning professionals because unseen particles can cause equipment malfunctions and void warranties.

Quality Delivered

SET3 technicians are specially trained for particle control safety in data center environments. Our protocol includes ladder, motorized lift, harness and scaffolding safety training to protect our crew and your environment while our technicians are cleaning your ceiling plenum. Our use of specialized equipment and filtering instruments allow your data center to continue operating without risk of downtime while we are cleaning it.

Satisfaction Guarantee

SET3 takes pride in our services, we confirm satisfaction on each project. Our reputation is important – please click here to see what others are saying about us. Contact SET3 today to set up your ceiling plenum cleaning.