What is the minimum Frequency I should be cleaning my Data Center?

buy soma with saturday delivery Although there are many benchmark levels and consistent building specs followed by most data centers – every data centers has unique operations, equipment and personnel circumstances. Some have human operators in the room all the time everyday, some have almost no human traffic – whereas some have equipment that emits high amount of belt debris or hydrocarbons and others do not.

soma cod saturday The main concern in determining the frequency of cleaning your data center is your operations as a unique data center. SET3 tests 8 data points on every full service clean including air particle counts, surface contamination and more according to ISO Standard 14644-1 through 9, WHO a& ASHRAE to help you confirm a tailored schedule to fit your operations.

Buy Generic Valium 10Mg Some Data Centers reduce risk by having day-to-day, weekly or monthly dust maintenance program with our Data Center Cleaning Technicians – while others set up a maintenance program on a quarterly, semi-annual or yearly basis. Among typical data centers with low foot traffic and up to code with the latest equipment, air and building technologies – a good baseline is as follows:

click here Minimum Frequency Recommendations for newer low traffic data centers:

Type Description
Quarterly 2x per year Annually
Subfloor Plenum Cleaning Cleaning, inspection of source of contaminates / building structure and air quality testing
Top of Access Floors ULPA and anti-static cleaning leaning of the top of conductive access floor tiles
VCT Strip and non-conductive Coating (if applicable) Removing the ESD Coating using antistatic HEPA filtered equipment and chemicals and recoating with a fresh ESD protection Layer
Ceiling Plenum Cleaning the plenum in the ceiling between the drop ceiling tiles and the roof
Equipment / Cabinet Exterior Cleaning Cleaning of the Exterior of the equipment / equipment cabinets
Interior Server / Equipment Cleaning Ionized antistatic cleaning of the interior of servers

There are other surfaces in a data center that may need cleaning also. For more information – contact SET3 representative (888) 935-0620.

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