What Are Some of the Basic Things I Should Be Doing To Keep My Data Center Safe From Downtime Due To Contamination?

http://www.bigleaguekickball.com/category/press/ cheap discount online soma Some of the basic contamination control methods in a data center are:

  • Utilize clean step mats at doorways
  • Clean / replace CRAC unit filters on a regular maintenance schedule
  • Use particle testing as a gauge of environment condition
  • Use Brush Grommets to Close off server cabinet cut outs or access floor holes.
  • Have delaminated or trip tiles replaced
  • Inspect water cooling units regularly
  • Disallow cardboard and pallets in the data center or provide plastic storage bins for boxes that need to remain.
  • Removal and repair of sub floor corrosion
  • Change any rubber belts used in Data Center AC Units to Tech Pro Belts
  • Air Particle Counts to confirm micro-contamination levels
  • Clean Your data center, network room, ISP or other controlled environment on a regular schedule every year according to industry standards with qualified Data Center Cleaners (including subfloor plenum, top of floor and equipment)

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