What Are Some of the Basic Things I Should Be Doing To Keep My Data Center Safe From Downtime Due To Contamination?

generic Soma next day Doctor shopping for Soma prescription Some of the basic contamination control methods in a data center are:

  • Utilize clean step mats at doorways
  • Clean / replace CRAC unit filters on a regular maintenance schedule
  • Use particle testing as a gauge of environment condition
  • Use Brush Grommets to Close off server cabinet cut outs or access floor holes.
  • Have delaminated or trip tiles replaced
  • Inspect water cooling units regularly
  • Disallow cardboard and pallets in the data center or provide plastic storage bins for boxes that need to remain.
  • Removal and repair of sub floor corrosion
  • Change any rubber belts used in Data Center AC Units to Tech Pro Belts
  • Air Particle Counts to confirm micro-contamination levels
  • Clean Your data center, network room, ISP or other controlled environment on a regular schedule every year according to industry standards with qualified Data Center Cleaners (including subfloor plenum, top of floor and equipment)

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