If I am planning Construction in My Data Center, when in the construction process should I have Data Center Cleaners come in?

From the beginning – data center cleaners should be on-hand before the construction starts. There are three main phases of data center cleaning – if a common janitor or laborer does the cleaning during these stages, they could be setting up the data center facility for microscopic damage by using the wrong equipment, process or chemicals that degrade (take life from) your data center equipment. Many times, the effects from improper cleaning methods are microscopic and the corrosion process won’t be visible to the naked eye for a period of time.

For example, stainless steel… it can rust too! However, when you purchase a stainless steel item you expect it to withstand some long-term use before any corrosion can affect it – however, what if you wipe that stainless steel with bleach? You took the life of the item down to nothing and it can begin to rust immediately. The chemicals someone uses on a surface does not disappear, it changes form in order to dissipate.

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