Are the Standards for Cleaning My Data Center Different Than My Office Building?

MOST RELIABLE ONLINE PHARMACY FOR Soma ~ ORDER Soma ONLINE CANADA Yes, there are several standards for data center cleaning that are different from normal commercial office buildings. Regular commercial buildings are not built to house computer equipment that has to operate every minute of every day without failing, overheating or being interfered with (RF and HFI). Cleaning services in a data center have to be carried out by controlled environment specialists that understand the data center dynamics and how to decontaminate these areas without causing downtime or microscopic long-term damage. Data Center Cleaners decontaminate (clean) equipment and supplies and their affects on different surfaces, energies and microscopic air particulate using testing instruments and specialized cleaning equipment and chemicals.

cheap Soma overnight delivery Since there are static, particulate, network signals and heat sources in the Data Center that can cause disastrous catastrophic loss of uptime to companies, cause fires and Indoor Air Pollution – there are several standards that help keep these environments safe including: ASHRAE, Federal Stan 209e, ISO, NFPA, RFI, HFI and IEST Standards [each one of those link to their respective websites].

buying soma Most equipment manufacturers have included standards for microscopic particle limits as well. Many of the warranty returns and faulty products have been linked to contamination at microscopic levels in the data centers where the equipment was installed or housed. Risk of loss and reputation has forced server manufacturers to confirm compliance of air particle, surface particle and static standards before they will install or warranty equipment within a facility.

Chart I: Equipment Manufacturers Statements on Contamination

IBM INSTALLATION MANUAL Publication GC22-7072-1 “If your site is unusually dirty or has a chemical odor, you should be concerned. Dirt and corrosive gases can cause corrosion and possible equipment damage. The building floor should be sealed to prevent dusting of concrete.”
AMDAHL PHYSICAL PLANNING MANUAL Publication MM-108334-010 “Environmental conditions for the room environment must be maintained within the acceptable limits to prevent adverse impact on performance and reliability. Electronic equipment is sensitive to air contaminants such as ferrous metal slivers, dirt fibers, and concrete particulate from unsealed concrete. Cement should be sealed to prevent the generation of particles.”
UNISYS INSTALLATION MANUAL Publication MA5227 “The quantity of dust in the air must no exceed 0.39 gram/1000m 3[0.03grain/1000ft3] maximum. The specifications for dust pollutants as per United states Federal Standard 209b.The primary floor must be poured concrete that has been sealed to provide dust and humidity control.”
MMEMOREX ENGINEERING SPECIFICATIONS Publication 9885-4920 “In order to assure reliability operation of the HDA and its filter system, the size and type of airborne particles must be controlled. The computer room should meet or exceed Federal Standard 209E.The subfloor area must be cleaned and sealed prior to equipment installation”

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