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Power Quality

Power Quality

Power Quality

Your data center’s power quality is the most critical facet for uptime reliability and network performance. SET3 offers consulting services and testing results from our critical specialist labs. Our Power Quality reviews focus on improving the productivity and reliability of electronic equipment in the data center environment.

SET3 provides power quality expertise for the most complex power problems including EMF, high frequency and RF interference, and grounding issues that may be causing intermittent interruptions in the data center operation or network performance. The SET3 Consulting technicians use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and monitoring equipment to understand and resolve those difficult or hard to define power quality problems.


RFI and HFI can be disruptive to normal system operations as their frequency signals interfere with network signals. These radiated or coupled frequencies are typically above 10 KHz and are from various wireless devices such as radios, walkie talkies, cell phones, radar transmitting stations and other wireless technologies. Coupled frequencies can be from such devices as microwave ovens, florescent lights, noisy switches or motors and even lightning storms can generate HF interference and cause intermittent equipment performance and failure. LAN networks, microprocessors and especially wireless LAN networks tend to be specifically susceptible to performance degradation from RF and HF interference.

Grounding is always an important component in resolving interference issues. In data centers, signal reference grounding may be the solution to unwanted high frequency noise that is causing intermittent failures or lock-ups.

SET3 can assist in identification of RF interference with specialized equipment to capture and analyze the frequency spectrum of the interference. SET3 has the expertise to audit the site, install the necessary equipment, identify the frequency and provide a solution to resolve offending radiation. Contact SET3 for additional information or to set up an appointment for a site visit.

Electromagnetic Fields

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) in the low frequency spectrum and range from 0 to 10 KHz can disrupt high tech equipment and can cause potential health issues. The results can be anything from shaky monitor screens to intermittent and unexplained failures. Electronic magnetic frequencies are all around us. In office buildings the frequencies can be generated by high power lines, transformers, UPS equipment and high voltage switch gear and these sources may be hidden in walls or behind doors where no one is suspect.

EMF can not be seen, felt or smelled – so identification requires a specialist. SET3 has the equipment and expertise to isolate, identify and resolve EMF issues you may have in your facility. An EMF audit does not require any downtime to your facility and can be completed in a few hours. Call SET3 Consulting for additional information and to arrange an EMF audit of your data center, office or building


Grounding is supposed to ensure that your facility and equipment are safe from static discharge and power anomalies. SET3’s consultants can test and solve complex grounding issues following the strict guidelines set forth by IEEE, the IEC and all local electrical codes. Sometimes grounding needs updating – what worked 10 years ago may be putting you at risk today. Let SET3 help resolve problems with radiated frequencies, high frequency interference, grounding enhancement and signal reference grounding.

Signal Reference Grounding

Increased speed of computer equipment and the lowering of logic voltages to compensate for the increased speed have made HFI (High Frequency Interference) a serious threat to data and Data Center system reliability. SET3 can assist in Signal Reference grounding (SRG), the most efficient way of dissipating the HFI and RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) so these factors are no longer a threat to computer equipment.

Please Contact Us for an evaluation of your grounding system or for more information on our consulting services.