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Indoor Air Quality

SET3 provides a cannon of tests that can help determine your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) according to ASHRAE, ISO 14644 and WHO (World Health Oraganization).
 SET3’s tests can help you find issues that your critical environment is facing and Set3 can provide solutions for remediation or contamination removal. Our Indoor Air Quality Consulting Services can provide you with the information to fix your air quality before symptoms before they reach levels that create ewuipment failures, downtime or Sick Building Syndrome. visit http://www.epa.gov/iaq/pubs/sbs.html for more information.

Data Centers, laboratories and cleanrooms have unique dynamics at work in their environment and stricter regulations they need to follow than normal commercial offices. SET3 can test for hundreds of types of influences such as gasses, microscopic particles, surface contamination, corrosion and much more. Take control of your environment, contact us for Indoor Air Quality Consulting.

Indoor Air Pollution and Sick Building Solution

Indoor Air Quality FAQ

What is Indoor Air Quality Testing?

In reality, there is no one “indoor air quality test”. Testing the indoor environment can refer to a wide range of tests, different testing methods (air, bulk & surface samples,) and myriad contaminants or surrogates (indicators of contaminants) to test for. There is no one test that can be used to determine the safety or healthfulness of an indoor environment.

Prior to Testing – the Comprehensive Building Walk-Through:

Prior to conducting any IAQ test, SET3 recommends that a thorough inspection of the data center be conducted. The intent of a preliminary data center survey is to conduct a walk-through inspection of the facility to identify sources or potential contributors to the perceived concern. This may identify the need (or not) to proceed with testing for specific agents. This inspection, or “walk-through”, can often provide you with as much information about the healthfulness of the property as an indoor air quality test.

Is Testing of a Data Center Necessary?

That depends on the reasons you are considering IAQ. Are you experiencing unexplained failures in your data center? Do you have a high rate of absenteeism from the employees that spend a lot of time in your data center? Are your employees complaining of headaches, sore throats and other illnesses after working in the data center environment? Answers of “yes” to any one of these questions may be enough justification to at least review the data center environment.

What About My Offices…Should They Be Checked As Well?

The same questions apply and a “yes” to any of those questions, an investigation may be necessary.

Why Should I Choose SET3 to Check My IAQ?

No one knows more about data centers than we do. We know where to look and what to look for. Since we know what’s right in a data center, we can easily spot what is wrong. If you have any concerns about the possibility of IAQ issues in your data center environment, give us a call to discuss how we can help.