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Whether you’re making life-saving medications or the latest tech gadgets, contaminants can compromise product quality and bring your productivity to a screeching halt. As a trusted cleaning services provider for class 1 – 100,000 scientific and manufacturing facilities, SET3 helps you eradicate potential threats in your cleanroom environment and optimize product yield—all while maintaining FDA and ISO compliance. 

Our cleanroom cleaning techniques go beyond removing surface debris to performing thorough decontamination—including quantifying, removing and sterilizing viable particles such as live spores, fungi and bacteria. Backed by highly trained personnel and specialized equipment, we help you identify and eliminate threats before they cause major disruption to your operations. 

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Testing & Certification

Consulting Services

Maintaining regulatory compliance is not only required for your critical environment; it supports product consistency and builds customer confidence. SET3’s cleanroom testing and certification services enable you to satisfy the regulatory standards of your industry without hindering your facility’s normal work flow.  We qualify cleanrooms, labs, manufacturing areas and other controlled or sterile environments nationwide.

Our knowledgeable, experienced technicians conduct on-site performance assessments to ensure your critical environments meet stringent industry and operational standards. All of our specialized cleanroom testing services are performed in accordance and compliance with current International Standards Organization (ISO) 14644 requirements.

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Consulting Services

Do you have a contamination control or cleanroom design issue in need of expert insight? With a long track record consulting in controlled environments, SET3 harnesses a global network of technical, lab and scientific experts to investigate and solve your most complex problems. Since we utilize independent testing firms as third-party qualifiers, you can be sure you’re getting unbiased information during the data collection process. 

Our cleanroom consulting services conclude with a detailed report featuring clear, actionable recommendations. Even better, SET3 is able to mobilize the personnel and resources to resolve your issues using our test findings. 

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