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Chicago Data Center Cleaning

doctor shopping for soma prescription If you need your data center cleaned in Chicago, Sterile Environment Technologies (SET3) is the national leader in contamination control and a pioneer in the industry of keeping critical environments at their optimal level.  We have local crews in 42 states available for cleaning your operating data center in Chicago.

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SET3 has teams of highly-trained technicians that use proven protocol to protect the uptime of your data center through regular maintenance, emergency response decontamination, and environmental consulting.  We maintain the highest level of A+ rated insurance, and do so without subcontracting to other companies, unlike the practices of our competition.

We are responsible for cleaning and consulting on millions of square feet of live data center environments every month for Fortune 50 companies and government installations as well as municipal facilities and private telco rooms.  We also accommodate your company’s needs by offering any scheduled time you prefer, being first, second or third shift, and weekends, typically at no additional cost to you.  We have the protocol, equipment, and training to keep your data center running and eliminating contamination and airflow hazards.

While most cities and regions have very distinct environmental qualities, few go through the range that Chicago does.  From wet springs, hot summers, and unpredictable winters, your data center faces several factors that could degrade your sensitive equipment.  SET3 provides the decontamination needed if problems are found in your controlled environments, and we offer environmental testing and consultation to find possible weaknesses within your data center.

SET3’s technicians follow ISO 14664 (replacing Federal Standard 409e) in your data center environments.  We also consult the latest science from ASHRAE TC9, the World Health Organization, and the Institute of Environmental Science and Technologies to keep your data center at the international standards set for those environments.

Along with the science and technology to keep your critical environment as its peak performance level, SET3 also provides the best in old-fashioned customer service.  No matter the size of your data center, we use the same level of care in each job we do.  It is for these reasons and many more why Chicago trusts SET3 for data center cleaning.

We look forward to providing you with the best service in the industry.  To get a quote, go to our request form or call 888-935-0620 today.

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