Why shouldn’t I use my subfloor as storage for items in other areas of the subfloor?

see Q: Why shouldn’t I use my subfloor as storage for items in other areas of the subfloor? J.P. – Data Center Manager A: Any foreign object in a subfloor causes turbulence to airflow causing air patterns that increase needs for…Read More

How do I keep my data-center safe from airborne contaminants?

http://shareholderacademy.com/blog/tag/faq/ There are two types of airborne contaminants that most data centers have to contend with: solid particles and gases. Even with a physical separation of equipment in a data center, industrial processes can produce unacceptable levels of particulate contamination in…Read More

Data Center Cleaning Services Buying Tips

A clean data center is crucial to maintain the performance of your physical infrastructure and the productivity of your workforce, but you can’t rely solely on your janitorial staff to get the job done. “Every commercial building needs professional cleaning…Read More

Do Data Centers and Nearby Highways Mix?

My data center resides near a highway, is it possible for fuel emissions to create problems for my data center? Emissions from cars, generators and other engines can create a wide variety of issues in a data center, including loss…Read More

Who decides how often a data center should be cleaned and who should perform the cleaning?

Question from: T.H. / Position: Facility Manager / February 6, 2012 Cleaning frequencies have traditionally been recommendations by the equipment manufacturers such as SUN, IBM and HP. Most manufactures recommend quarterly cleaning but give an absolute minimum of cleaning twice…Read More

Long Handle Tile Pullers

Every data center needs one, or two, or three. After pulling millions of access floor tiles over the years our crews would be arthritic and permanently hospitalized without these amazingly simple, yet unique tools. If your technicians are still pulling…Read More

Does a dirty Data Center contribute to heat stress on server equipment?

The answer is absolutely yes! Dirt and dust is deposited over boards from the incoming cooling air and is deposited like a blanket over the boards. This dirt and dust can clog air passages under chips blocking vital cooling passages….Read More

What is the cause of corrosive gasses in the data center and what is the effect?

Question from J.P. / Position: IS Manager / July 6, 2011 Josh Loman of SET3 replies: There are many environmental factors that can result in corrosive gas contamination infiltrating the data center environment – such as nearby Sulfur contaminated drywall…Read More

What is PUE and why should my company know it’s PUE?

PUE stands for Power Usage Effectiveness. Knowing your PUE gives your company a baseline of how efficient their data center is and helps to set a goal of where and how efficient you want your data center to be. PUE…Read More

Fire Recovery Best Practices: First 24 Hours

By: Lisa Nadile Here’s how to fight back in your worst-case scenario: a fire in your data center. Fire happens all the time. An electrical discharge, a dumb employee, a malfunctioning piece of equipment can waylay all your careful planning….Read More