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Do Data Centers and Nearby Highways Mix?

Time Published June 13, 2012 by Jason Roth

My data center resides near a highway, is it possible for fuel emissions to create problems for my data center?

highwayEmissions from cars, generators and other engines can create a wide variety of issues in a data center, including loss of server equipment and employee health issues. Problems can range from conductive hydrocarbon particles to chemical transformation into corrosive acid from the Hydrogen Sulfide to its transformation into Hydro-sulfuric Acid.

Acids created from emissions and trapped in critical areas have reactions with most metals such as copper, silver, gold and solder. This is a serious problem as three of these four metals are the primary metals used in today’s computer equipment and these reactions can result in loss of equipment and/or downtime.

There are specific tests that SET3 can provide inside data centers or other critical environments regarding different types of exposures. For example: H2S levels considered dangerous for humans are measured in PPM (parts per million), however computer equipment is much more sensitive to this corrosive gas and dangerous levels are measured in PPB (parts per billion) – which is not the level that most other normal labs test for. Our specialized testing units will provide the proper information needed and recommendations for action.

Contact SET3 if your environment is near a highway, generator, lake or other potentially contaminating environment.

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